quarta-feira, maio 04, 2011


"Sorry you are feeling low in spirits. Don't worry, it is very common with men when they pass forty - or when they draw near forty. Men seem to undergo a sort of spiritual change of life, with really painful depression and loss of energy. Even men whose physical health is quite good. Son don't be fret. [...] It's a condition which often drags overal several years. Then, in the end, you come out of it with a new sort of rhythm, a new psychic rhythm: a sort of re-birth. Meanwhile, it is what the mystics call the little death, and you have to put up with it. I have had it too, though not so acutely as some men. But then my health is enough to depress the Archangel Michael himself." (The letters of D. H. Lawrence, D. H. Lawrence, carta a Mark Gertler, 23 Dezembro de 1929)

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